How permanent is electrolysis?

Does electrolysis hurt?

Is electrolysis the most effective method of hair removal?

What areas can be treated with electrolysis?

Can electrolysis remove hair of any colour?

Why Jean Raymond Electrolysis and not a larger hair removal centre?

How permanent is electrolysis?

Electrolysis, the well proven, safe permanent hair removal method, is the ONLY process that can guarantee to remove hair permanently.

Electrolysis treats hairs individually so treatments can target the hair that concerns you. A hair correctly treated with galvanic electrolysis is unlikely to regrow.

Jean Raymond Electrolysis guarantees that clients, who complete their course of treatment, will achieve permanent results.

What areas can be treated with electrolysis?


Jean Raymond Electrolysis performs work ranging from the treatment of large areas of body hair to the precise cosmetic detail of eyebrow shaping, an application where no other hair removal method can compete with electrolysis.

Can electrolysis remove hair of any colour?


Electrolysis can permanently remove unwanted hair of any colour, whether it’s coarse or fine, from skin of any colour.

Laser is even less effective on blonde, red, grey or white hair than it is with darker hair.

Why electrolysis and not laser?


The aim of all forms of permanent hair removal (or reduction in the case of laser) is to destroy the follicles of unwanted hair to the extent that they can no longer produce new hair.

Multi probe galvanic electrolysis, with a single treatment, permanently destroys a larger portion of the hair follicles treated than any other hair removal technology. This method is preferred and generally used by Jean Raymond Electrolysis.

Those who have experienced the benefits of well performed electrolysis have difficulty understanding the attraction of laser when clinical trials suggest all forms of laser hair reduction usually leave a significant amount of unwanted hair after a number of treatments.

Electrolysis, performed well, leaves the skin soft and smooth. The skin looks natural as though the hair had never been there.

Laser and IPL hair reduction processes are only able to claim ‘permanent hair reduction’.[ Refer to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration web site at http://www.fda.gov/cdrh/consumer/laserfacts.html.%5D

Research, documenting the performance of the various laser hair reduction technologies beyond twelve months from the time of last treatment, is rare and generally only looks at the results of tests performed on light brown to black hair.

One of the effects of laser hair reduction is to delay the regrowth of treated hair. This works against achieving quick permanent results because it delays the time before there is another opportunity for the hair to be treated.

Electrolysis, through its reliable permanent removal of individual hairs, is very effective at removing the hair that laser leaves behind.

Why electrolysis and not waxing or plucking?


Waxing and plucking both stimulate hair growth so that hair becomes coarser – electrolysis removes hair permanently.

Does electrolysis hurt?


A good electrologist will minimise treatment discomfort so don’t be put off by one person’s story of an uncomfortable experience with electrolysis. Most find the benefits of well performed electrolysis far outweigh a degree of treatment discomfort.

A number of clients, who have come to Jean after giving up laser treatment, have commented that electrolysis is more comfortable than laser.

Will my treatment at Jean Raymond Electrolysis be anything like the electrolysis at my local beauty centre?


No, it will be quite different.

Beauty centres, that offer electrolysis, offer it as one of a range of services. Jean has worked as a specialist electrologist since 1993.

The electrolysis offered by most beauty centres will be single needle thermolysis, diathermy or short wave – these names are synonymous.

Jean is experienced in and offers all types of electrolysis, if for some reason it is necessary to limit your treatment to single needle technologies.

However, Jean generally performs multi probe galvanic electrolysis. Her years of experience have shown this method provides results superior to any other form of hair removal.

Generally, how long should permanent hair removal take?


Hair grows in cycles which vary in duration for hair on different parts of the body. All permanent hair removal methods require treatments over a period time considerably longer than the hair growth cycle time.

So realistically, do not believe anyone who claims they can permanently remove even a small area of hair in less than six months. On the other hand, if you have followed a permanent hair removal (or reduction) regime for twelve months and have not noticed a large reduction in the amount of hair, then it is time to consult a good specialist electrologist.

How many electrolysis treatments will I need and over what period of time?

This will depend on the amount of hair and the area being treated.

Permanent hair removal is best achieved by clearing an area of all unwanted hair during the early sessions of the treatment – at this time more frequent or longer visits are required. As more follicles are destroyed, the appearance of new hair will diminish with time until new growth becomes insignificant. So the frequency and/or duration of treatments will reduce during the course of treatment.

Typically, permanent results can be achieved in nine to twelve months if you are able to keep up with the required treatments. Large areas or areas where the hair has long growth cycle times may take longer.

Jean can examine the areas you would like treated and plan a treatment regime, considering your budget and the time you have available.

Does it matter if I am unable to have electrolysis treatments as often as ideally required?


If you would like to achieve complete and permanent hair removal of an area of unwanted hair in the shortest possible time, it is best to follow your treatment regime.

However, some clients only have treatments when they can fit them in – they can eventually achieve the same permanent results and with a similar total treatment time.

Can more than one area be treated at the same time?


The use of multi probe galvanic electrolysis, to treat more than one area at the same time, is a time and cost effective option.

Where there is enough hair to be treated, whether in a single area or over a number of locations, Jean will frequently use two machines. This means 32 probes are used instead of 16.

Clients frequently combine the treatment of two or more areas. For example, combinations such as lip and underarms or eyebrows and bikini line, can be treated – allowing efficient probing of both areas.

How much does electrolysis cost?


In most cases, expect to find electrolysis cost effective -compare the cost of having an area completely cleared by electrolysis with having the same area waxed for the rest of your life.

The complimentary initial consultation, given by Jean Raymond Electrolysis, includes a reliable estimate of the time required for your treatment. You will be comfortable about the process and be able to make an informed decision as to whether to proceed – you are under no obligation.

What can I do about hair in areas being treated between treatments?


You cannot wax or pluck hair from areas being treated as this will interfere with the effectiveness of electrolysis. However, you may bleach, cut or shave hair being treated, provided the hair is long enough to be held by a pair of tweezers at the time of your next electrolysis appointment. Jean can advise you about whichever is most suitable for you.

Why Jean Raymond Electrolysis and not a larger hair removal centre?


Jean Raymond is a graduate Beauty Therapist, a qualified Clinical Electrologist and a member of The Association of Professional Aestheticians of Australia.

Jean has worked on thousands of satisfied clients as a specialist in permanent hair removal since 1993.

Jean performs all treatments personally so clients always receive the highest standard of professional attention in a discreet and caring environment.

At larger hair removal centres, personnel with Jean’s qualifications and experience are rare – it is unlikely you will find a qualified and experienced practitioner, with whom you will be completely confident, and who will take you from your first treatment right through to the gratifying conclusion of your permanent hair removal journey.