I had struggled for several years plucking and squeezing an ever expanding growth of tough white hairs all over my chin area It got to the stage where I couldn’t keep on top of the daily sessions needed to keep the hair growth away and prevent further skin damage caused by my constant interventions. They grew so quickly and so stubbornly I was really concerned as to how I could get rid of them permanently. Luckily, a friend who had found Jean recommended her highly and so I started treatment with her.

Jean explained exactly what was going on and what could be done about it, and she also very clearly explained it would not be a quick fix – it would be a process, and if I hung in with it the results would be worth it.

All I can say is…she was right in every respect. I did find at times I grew impatient and wondered if these hairs would ever go away completely – we’re often expecting fast and unrealistic results for things aren’t we? Jean reassured me at these times and so we carried on; and sure enough, in time they all disappeared and have stayed away. It feels like some kind of mini-miracle has occurred and I am released from the daily grind of plucking and squeezing, which had grown totally out of hand.

In Jean you have found a therapist who is truly professional and effective. She doesn’t make false promises or put forward unrealistic expectations. What she tells you will be what occurs. Have faith in her and her treatments and you will be delighted with the end result.

Name withheld

I knew I had a hair problem. My girlfriend put me onto Jean and she has restored my self-confidence. I can’t believe what a difference she has made to my face and ‘those problem areas’. I would recommend Jean to all of my friends.

Margie, Wahroonga

I wish I had known about the treatment Jean offers years ago.

It would have saved me years of embarrassment. Jean is very caring and professional at respecting your confidentiality.

Robyn, Five Dock

I have been seeing Jean for a few years now. I started with Jean removing my back hair and then we moved to my chest. I could not be happier with the result. I have absolutely no re-growth and my girlfriend loves the result as well.

Jason, Lane Cove

Since going to Jean, I find her treatment makes me feel beautiful again.

Vanessa, Five Dock